30 percent of US Republicans support bombing Aladdin’s Agrabah

Recent polls show that 30 percent of US Republicans vote in favour of bombing Agrabah, fictional city in Disney’s Aladdin, which social media users send up

Photo by: Reuters (Archive)
Photo by: Reuters (Archive)

Recent poll shows 30 percent of Republican primary voters support bombing the fictional country of Agrabah

Almost one in every three US Republican voted in favour of bombing Agrabah, the fictional city in Disney’s 1992 film Aladdin.

The question was fairly straightforward: “Would you support or oppose bombing Agrabah?”

Some 30 percent of Republicans primary voters and 19 percent of Democrats who voted in support of destroying the made-up city, Agrabah were made fun of by social media users for their ignorance.

Public Policy Polling company announced the results in a tweet on Friday.

36 percent of Democrats voted against bombing the fictional city and 19 percent supported, as 30 percent of Republicans voted in favour of bombing and 13 percent opposed.

The poll became a trending topic on Twitter shortly thereafter.

However, the company did not seem to take the poll too seriously. The Democratic polling company only made fun of Donald Trump’s Republicans.

The company is known for posing such loaded questions to Republicans in its surveys.

In 2013, 29 percent voted in favour of aliens existence and 7 percent supported that the moon landing was faked.

The poll also included a question about actual Trump’s policies toward Muslims such as whether Muslims should be banned from the US and whether mosques should be shut down.

532 Republican primary voters participated in the poll. 26 percent of them said yes for banning Muslims as 28 percent supported the idea of closing mosques.

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