9 shocking moments from the second presidential debate

Over the course of 90 minutes Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump managed to insult one another, but left the public scratching their heads.

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Trump said he would assign a special prosecutor to investigate Clinton.

Updated Oct 11, 2016

In what seems to be part of a trend, the second presidential debate between Republican Donald Trump and his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton sunk to new lows of political discourse.

Here's the best of the worst:

1. Hey – at least he's not Daesh!

2. For Trump, every black and Latino citizen of the United States comes from the "inner city" (who knew people still talk like that?). 

3. "Assad is killing ISIS!"... but no word on who else he's killing.

4. Who's "bag daddy"?

5. Trump said if Muslims see hatred they have to report it, which led some to consider reporting him.

6. When asked about Islamophobia, both candidates turned the discussion to fighting terrorism.

7. Threatening to prosecute your opponent – certainly a "fresh" approach to debating.

8. Apparently Trump hasn't spoken to Indiana Governor Mike Pence for a while. That might be normal, if he wasn't his running mate.

9. Some might say it takes one to know one...

All in all, the former reality show host and the veteran 30-year politician didn't disappoint. We're all stuck with four more weeks of this, so grab some popcorn and bring on round three.

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