Anonymous retaliates over death of member in protest

Hacktivist group Anonymous claims to have accessed high-level classified national security documents, in retaliation for death alleged Anonymous member James McIntyre in British Columbia protest last week

In a statement released by the group, the hacktivist collective Anonymous has claimed to have accessed and released sensitive and highly secret documents in retaliation for the death of a fellow activist in protests in British Columbia. Released files contain transcontinental activities of Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS).

Released document involved, size of Canada’s spy agency’s foreign network stations, the size of sensitive interactions they held as well as archaic structure of info-sharing systems and techniques. Document also included what is classified as “secret” and allegedly as what Treasury Board of Canada states there are 25 foreign stations, many located in developing countries or unstable environments. Meanwhile, the Canadian government publicly acknowledged only three foreign stations located in Paris, London and Washington.

“The tools to access and process intelligence information from these foreign stations have not been updated since the Service’s foreign collection activities began in the mid-1980s,” leaked documents stated.

However, government officials have not denied nor confirmed legitimacy of the document. On the other hand, the hacktivist group Anonymous says this is one of the many documents that have accessed. A statement by the group’s spokesperson said, “We are now privy to many of Stephen Harper’s most cherished secrets,” and continued, “We will be releasing stunning secrets at irregular intervals.”

Nevertheless, the global hacktivist group has previously done some immature pranks to upright protests. The activist group claims the documents were acquired during security breaches in past few months. A video message was released along with documents, in the style, which Anon activists often use. The video claimed that the Communications Security Establishment was caught snooping on its intelligence partners warning US President Barack Obama’s disapproval of the Keystone XL pipeline.

Anonymous released documents after, an ultimatum to Canadian government released by the hacktivist group vowed to revenge if they do not receive justice for death of one its members by police in Dawson Creek, British Columbia in a protest.

The Canadian government chose to speak little about the claims. Spokesperson for Public Safety Minister Steve Balney, Jeremy Laurin made a statement on Monday evening saying, “we do not comment on leaked documents and we continue to monitor this situation closely.”

This is not the first time Canadian security services had its files breached. Jeffrey Delisle a former member of Canadian navy who was arrested for military secrets to Russia until his arrest in 2012. However, dating website Ashley Madison hack has raised eyebrows on Internet security in Canada.

The Canadian-owned cheating site was hacked by hacker group called The Impact Team on Monday July 20th. The hackers had stolen personal information of the site members, also posted some portion of the information online and demanded Toronto based website to be closed down or else they have threatened to publish all of the information online.

The website has over 37 million members around the world and has about 190,000 members from Canada’s capital Ottawa, which equals to 1 in 5 Ottawans are member of dating site. Having being the Capital of Canada, Ottawa has numerous amount of diplomats and politicians of all sort. According to earlier issued records by the Toronto-based company, about 190,00 AshleyMadison users were listed in Ottawa, a city with a population of about 883,000. This makes Ottawa, the capital No. 1 for philanderers in Canada and possibly the utmost globally per capita.