Another black man killed in St. Louis by police

US police and local media say police shoots dead another black man at a gas station in St. Louis

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Police shot dead another black man on Tuesday at a gas station in St. Louis, where Michael Brown was killed by a white officer, according to statements by police and local media.

An 18 year-old black teen had reportedly pointed a handgun at a white police officer and the officer fired several shots, fearing for his life, said St. Louis Police Department spokesman Brian Schellman in a statement.

The shooting, which has no link with previous black males shootings, occurred minutes away from the place where officer Darren Wilson killed unarmed black teen Michael Brown, which caused protests across the U.S. against police violence over black people.

The incident raised public anger and dozens of people gathered at the latest incident scene and at least three people arrested, according to local newspaper.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, before the latest police killing on Tuesday, called for suspending the protests in order to “honor the two NYPD officers” killed on Saturday by a black gunman.

The U.S. citizens, mostly black population, have been protesting the attitudes of American police forces against non-white citizens across the United States, which has kindled racial tension in the country.

The peaceful protests turned violent after police crackdowns and many people injured and arrested across the country.

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