Another Venezuelan politician barred from public office

The state prosecutor’s office banned former opposition governor Pablo Perez from holding public office for 10 years

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

The former Venezuelan state governor and opposition politician Pablo Perez has been banned from public office for 10 years and became the third government official who has been barred from public office within a week.

The state prosecutor’s office did not give information for the reason of the ban and set a 15-day period to appeal.

Zulia state’s former Governor Perez and his opposition Democratic Unity Party (MUD) sent a message via Twitter saying, "the government and the ruling Socialist Party have banned me for 10 years, another attack against democratic dissidence."

The government officials, the former Congresswoman Marina Corina Machado and former Mayor Vicencio (Enzo) Scarano has been barred from public service for 12 months.

Although Perez has not been a candidate, the other two politicians decided to participate in the parliamentary elections in December.

Politicians from the opposition said that the Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro who has been serving a term since 2013 succeeding the former leader Hugo Chavez tried to prevent the opposition to participate in the parliamentary elections on December 6.

The MUD announced that a rally against the bans of parliament candidates would be organised next week.

BBC reported that according to the opinion polls the ruling government could lose the majority in the parliamentary elections.

Currently, a number of politicians have been banned from the public offices due to alleged corruption charges by the state prosecutor’s office.

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