Anti-Trump protests in LA lead to around 200 arrests

The number of demonstrators that flooded the streets of downtown Los Angeles was significantly less compared to Wednesday night’s enraged crowd.

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Anti-Trump demonstrators protested in front of the White House on Thursday.

An anti-Trump protest took place in Los Angeles between the City Hall and the Staples Center on Friday, marking a third day of demonstrations against the outcome of the presidential election.

Around 185 people were arrested while one officer was injured trying to prevent a protester by spraying LAPD property, LAPD officials said.

The officer was hospitalised and was expected to be released soon, police said.

LAPD Sergeant Jack Richter told The Los Angeles Times that the people arrested are suspects of vandalism or of disobedience of a law order.

Demonstrators knocked down a temporary fence on Olive Street but police officers prevented any further damage.

On Thursday, thousands of protesters angry over Donald Trump's election win took to the streets for a second straight night on, with at least one demonstration degenerating into a riot against the tycoon turned president-elect.

Dozens of anti-Donald Trump protesters stand along 5th Avenue, New York in front of Trump Tower on Thursday. (AFP Archive)

Accusing Trump of racism, sexism and xenophobia, protesters from New York to Los Angeles blocked traffic and chanted slogans like "Not my president" and "We reject the president-elect."

The worst violence was in the northwestern city of Portland, where protesters hurled projectiles at officers, vandalised businesses, smashed car windows and attacked drivers.

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