Argentina president requests support for successor

President of Argentina Cristina Fernandez urges her supporters to back government’s candidate in runoff vote

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Argentina's President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner speaks to supporters from a balcony at the Casa Rosada Presidential Palace in Buenos Aires October 29, 2015.

Argentina’s President Cristina Fernandez addressed her nation on Thursday night, requesting their supports for the governing party’s candidate who will run in the presidential runoff election next month.

Praising her government's accomplishments in a late night speech at an inaugurating ceremony of a center to study infectious diseases,  Ms. Fernandez called on her supporters to stand up for them in the Nov. 22 runoff.

During her speech, Fernandez underlined that her government’s accomplishments are "not irreversible,” noting the nationalisation of Aerolineas Argentinas and the YPF oil company and extension of free education in the country.

"Some people believe a runoff is choosing between Juan or Jose," Fernandez said.

"We are not just electing a president, but a president who also represents a political model for the country," she added.

The Governor of the Buenos Aires Province, 58-year old Daniel Scioli, is the former President of the Justicialist Party which is the largest party of the Peronist movement which draws inspiration from the policies of former Argentine President Juan Domingo Perón.

Scioli received 37 percent of total votes in Sunday’s six-candidate presidential election while his rival, Mauricio Macri - who is the mayor of Buenos Aires - won 34 percent of the vote and finished in second place.

The near-parallel results forced Argentina to hold a second round of voting in which Scioli's chances for victory are uncertain.

According to those in the know, there is a rupture between Fernandez and Scioli which was denied by him on Wednesday, claiming that he spoke with the president "often" and "when necessary."

During his election campaign, he introduced himself the voters repeating that he is continuation of Fernandez's policies and he is the only man who fix anything that is broken in her policy.  

Fernandez is supported by thousands of people who are mostly from the lower and middle-class for giving them a voice and helping them.

However her administration has been shaken by corruption scandals and economic failures.

Despite all this, in front of  thousands of people Fernandez said,  “Know this... I won't be president Dec. 10, but I will always be there for the people when I'm needed."

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