Argentinian police tear gas protesters

Thousands of protesters alleging fraud in provincial elections clash with police in northern Argentinian city of San Miguel de Tucuman

Photo by: AP
Photo by: AP

Police stand outside the government house during a protest by voters claiming fraud in the recent gubernatorial election in Tucuman, Argentina

Updated Aug 27, 2015

Police fired rubber bullets and tear gas to disperse protesters on Monday in the main square of the northern Argentinian city of San Miguel de Tucuman who were accusing the governor of electoral fraud as seen from footage broadcast by Argentinian TV station Todo Noticias.

Some of the protesters were shown with blood on their faces and large welts on their necks, and that there is no clear information about how many were injured.

People uploaded videos and photos on social media of protesters throwing objects at riot police.

Juan Luis Manzur won the provincial election with 54 percent of the vote, but the demonstrators claim there was fraud in the governor’s race after incidents in which ballot boxes were burned.

Electoral authorities said the burned ballot boxes held only a part of the full vote and that if they hadn't been burned the overall result wouldn’t have changed significantly.

Mauricio Macri, the leading opposition candidate for October's upcoming presidential election stated that he believes fraud was committed.

Daniel Scioli, who is a presidential candidate for the same party Manzur belongs to, said that the protesters and opposition politicians simply don't want to accept that the new governor won the election.

Outgoing governor, Jose Alperovich has said that prosecutors would investigate excessive actions committed by the police force.

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