As Colombia's FARC rebels disarm, families struggle to forget

At least another 90 days are needed to process all the former fighters now in 26 temporary "peace zones" across Colombia. But even after disarmament, whether civilians will accept the rebels back into their communities is unknown.

Photo by: AFP
Photo by: AFP

FARC members attend the 53rd anniversary commemoration of the founding of the FARC-EP leftist guerrilla group at its birthplace in Marquetalia, Colombia on May 27, 2017.

The peace process in Colombia is facing another setback. The deadline for left-wing FARC guerrillas to hand over their weapons is this week – and it's not likely to be met.

According to the peace agreement signed by FARC and the Colombian government, the guerrilla group was to fully disarm within 180 days and its members reincorporate themselves into civilian life and form a political party.

Now they say another 90 days, at least, is needed to disarm.

Another problem will be integrating the former fighters back into their communities.

TRT World's Anelise Borges reports from Colombia.

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