Biden reassures Abadi of US support against ISIS

US Vice President Biden gives reconciliatory call to Iraqi PM Abadi after Defense Secretary questions Iraqi troops’ will to fight

Photo by: AP
Photo by: AP

Updated Jul 28, 2015

US Vice President Joe Biden called Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al Abadi on Monday to reiterate US support to Iraqi government in its fight against ISIS.

The call came a day after Defense Secretary Ash Carter criticised Iraqi troops saying “The Iraqi forces just showed no will to fight,” in an interview to CNN talking about fall of the city of Ramadi to ISIS last week.

“The vice president recognized the enormous sacrifice and bravery of Iraqi forces over the past 18 months in Ramadi and elsewhere,” a White House statement detailing the call said.

After Carter’s remarks, PM Abadi spoke to BBC and responded to him earlier on Monday.

"I'm surprised why he [Carter] said that. I mean, he was very supportive of Iraq. I am sure he was fed with the wrong information," Abadi said.

"They have the will to fight but when they are faced with an onslaught by Daesh [ISIS] from nowhere... with armoured trucks packed with explosives, the effect of them is like a small nuclear bomb - it gives a very very bad effect on our forces.”

Abadi also said they will take back Ramadi from ISIS in days if they get more support from international coalition partners.

“The vice president pledged full US support in these and other Iraqi efforts to liberate territory from ISIL [ISIS], including the expedited provision of US training and equipment to address the threat posed by ISIL’s use of truck bombs,” Biden said in his call according to White House statement.

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