Brazil's restive state asks for more troops as violence continues

Unchecked looting and killing has been going on for days as Espirito State's military police remains on strike, demanding higher salaries. Now the public has shifted its anger towards the police, aggravating the volatile situation.

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Some 200 federal police officers and around 1,000 soldiers have been deployed in the Brazilian state.

Brazil's Espirito Santo state has requested the government for more troops on Thursday to stem unchecked crime which ensued after the state's military police went on strike.

There has been little security since Saturday in the state capital Vitoria after the military police demanding salary hikes stopped working. Looting ensued almost immediately. Over a dozen people were murdered, while some hospitals and schools have been burgled.

After days of violence, the public mood shifted against the military police and their relatives triggering further tensions.

Some 200 federal police officers and about 1,000 soldiers have been deployed in the southeastern state but the senior government officials are demanding more troops to quell the violence.

Brazil has been buckling under one of the toughest periods of recession in recent times, leaving some states struggling to cope.      

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