Brazil's Senate confirms reappointment of chief prosecutor

Rodrigo Janot says his investigations are apolitical and he hasn't leaked details to the press

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Brazil's Prosecutor-General Rodrigo Janot reacts near Senator Fernando Collor during a session of the Committee on Constitution and Justice of the Senate in Brasilia, Brazil, August 26, 2015.

Brazil's Senate on Wednesday confirmed the reappointment of chief prosecutor Rodrigo Janot, who is monitoring a wide corruption probe that has put dozens of politicians under scrutiny for allegedly taking bribes.   

After lawmakers questioned Janot on a corruption scheme related to state-run oil company Petrobras for more than 10 hours, his reappointment was confirmed by 59-12 votes in favour.  

Janot told senators the probe was apolitical and that he had not shared details of the investigation to the press.  

On Tuesday, a federal judge in Brazil overseeing a sweeping corruption investigation said there were signs that President Dilma Rousseff's former chief of staff had received bribes.

Rousseff, who is not being investigated in the scandal, reappointed Janot on Aug. 8 after he received majority support from federal prosecutors. 

Janot was criticised last week by Fernando Collor de Mello, a former president who was impeached in 1992 and formally charged in the corruption scandal involving Petroleo Brasileiro SA, as Petrobras is formally known.

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