Canada not invited to anti-DAESH coalition meeting in Paris

Canada has not been invited to anti-DAESH coalition meeting this week in Paris after country announced it will withdraw its six war jets from coalition that fights against DAESH

Photo by: Reuters (Archive)
Photo by: Reuters (Archive)

Canada’s Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan

Canada’s Defence Minister has been removed from the anti-DAESH coalition meeting on Wednesday in Paris following new Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's vow that he would draw back the country's six war planes from the coalition.

Defence ministers from France, the US, the UK, Germany, Italy, Australia and the Netherlands will join the meeting to talk over the future of the fight against the DAESH terror organisation.

The US Defense Secretary Ash Carter said last week he would gather defence ministers from countries who are playing a "significant role" in the coalition.

The US Defense Secretary Ash Carter. (Reuters)

On this issue, Canada’s Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan denied he was snubbed by not getting an invitation to the talks.

“Meetings happen all the time. There (are) a number of other meetings that happen that you may not actually be aware of,” Sajjan told reporters

The US embassy in Ottawa also said in a statement, “This meeting is not a formal coalition meeting; rather, it is a one-time meeting of defence ministers.

The United States and Canada are great friends and allies, and together with our coalition partners, we will continue to work to degrade and destroy DAESH.”

The US has called coalition members to increase their military assistance in Iraq and Syria against DAESH.

"I'll be soliciting their views and describing to them my thoughts about how we can accelerate the campaign, including the variety of capabilities, military capabilities, that will be required," Carter said.

Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau long ago said that he would retract the country's jets as it plans to step up military training for local forces fighting against DAESH.

Canada has deployed 69 special forces troops in order to receive training in northern Iraq with the Kurds.

Canada still has six CF-18 war planes, a refueling tanker air truck, two surveillance planes and one airlift aircraft, with nearly 600 airmen and airwomen based in Kuwait. The jets still continue to participate in air attacks, and it is not clear exactly when Canada will withdraw them.

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