Canada to host 7,000 Syrian refugees from Turkey

Canada receives 7,000 Syrian refugees from Turkey and plans to accept 25,000 more from Middle East by end of year

Photo by: AP
Photo by: AP

Canadian Minister of Immigration John McCallum, talks with a Syrian family.

The head of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) has said that Canada will welcome approximately 7,000 Syrian refugees from Turkey by the end of February.

Canada will also help to find appropriate accommodation for 25,000 Syrian refugees, the majority of them from Jordan, followed by Lebanon and Turkey, William Lacy Swing - director general of the IOM - told Turkey's Anadolu Agency in Geneva.

The US also plans to welcome 10,000 refugees from Syria during the 2016 fiscal year. 

More than 1 million refugees have entered Europe by sea and land this year so far, and nearly 3,700 refugees have died in sea while they were crossing the Mediterranean, the IOM reported on Sunday.

According to the organisation, 800,000 refugees have reached Europe via the Aegean Sea from Turkey to Greece.

Furthermore, Canadian students singing a song in Arabic which celebrates Muhammad’s arrival in Medina to be a welcome song for Syrian refugees.

Also Canadians used the hashtag #WelcomeToCanada to greet the refugees.

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