Colombia landslide survivors struggle to move on

A week after a devastating landslide in Colombia, shock has turned to anger for many survivors.

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

​Thousands of survivors have been left with nothing except the clothes on their backs.

Colombia's Attorney General has launched an investigation into whether authorities in Mocoa were prepared for natural disasters following last week's devastating landslide which left at least 300 dead.

Almost 3,000 left homeless by the landslide are being housed at five temporary shelters and are being provided with food, water and essential medicine.

“Going forward we will focus our support on mental health,” Gabriel Umana Suarez from Red Cross Colombia says, referring to survivors of the tragedy. “In the next few months red cross teams will be accompanied by experts to help survivors process what's happened and help them through the grieving process.”

Dimitri O'Donnell reports from Mocoa.