Colombia to investigate landslides in Mocoa

The investigation will focus on building regulations as well as natural disaster plans. At least 290 people died and hundreds remain missing.

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Rescuers continue the search for the more than 300 missing.

The Colombian government says it will launch an investigation into landslides that hit the southern Colombian town of Mocoa last week and killed at least 290 people, leaving thousands homeless in the southwest of the country.

The inquiry will focus on whether local officials had planned for a natural disaster and if building regulations in the area had been followed.

Survivors are battling to cope with their grief in what's being described as one of Colombia's worst natural disasters.

TRT World's Anelise Borges reports

Massive landslides hit late Friday after heavy rains caused three rivers to flood, strewing earth, rocks and trees over the area.

The government said there were 92 children among the dead.

More than 500 people were staying in emergency housing and social services helped 10 lost children find their parents. 

Families of the dead will receive about $6,400 in aid and the government will cover hospital and funeral costs.