Colombia, Venezuela discuss punishment for FARC rebels

Colombian and Venezuelan presidents hold meeting to discuss possible punishments for FARC rebels for past crimes

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

As peace talks between Colombia and Venezuela continue, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos states that the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia ( FARC) must be punished for its actions in the past.

Santos claims that the peace deal will be completed only if the rebels pay for human rights violations and other crimes.

"Not everyone will be pleased but I am sure that in the long-term this will be better, because it doesn't matter if some are discontented," Santos said.

"No one can be completely satisfied, but the change will be very positive."

Santos stated that rebels refuse to pay for their violations and are stall a deal even though the punishment they face might not be imprisonment.

Venezuela and Colombia had been engaged in a major diplomatic conflict after the Venezuelan president closed part of his country's border when a group of smugglers attacked Venezuelan soldiers during an anti-smuggling patrol which resulted in the injuring of one citizen and some of the soldiers.

The Venezuela-Colombia border reopened after being closed for a month, after the two president decided to resolve the matter.

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