Colombian FARC rebels stop military training

Leader of FARC announces that rebels' military training is suspended

Photo by: AFP
Photo by: AFP

Rodrigo Londono Echeverri, also known under the alias Timoleón Jiménez or Timochenko, the highest in command of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia.

Rodrigo Londono, also known as Timochenko, the leader of Colombia’s largest rebel group FARC, declared via twitter that he had requested military courses to be suspended and military training to stop, adding FARC's "military structure" should be devoted to itself instead of "political and cultural training."

The order revealed a week after rebel negotiators and the Colombian government signed an important deal which could end the 51-year-old-conflict.

Colombia President Juan Manuel Santos and Timochenko shook hands in Havana on September 23, aiming to end the longest civil war of Latin America.

Colombian government and the FARC leaders said that they would reach a peace deal within six months.

Timochenko stated, "If there's a political will, we can do it earlier, but six months may also be too short."

"I give you my full assurances that there's not a single guerrilla, neither commander or combatant, that's in disagreement" he added.

According to main sources of funding for the FARC, many Colombians have anxieties that demobilized rebels may take part in criminal gangs and continue to attend their drugs trade.

Rebels who have involved in political crimes as part of the clashes will be provided an amnesty.

Only those who decline to admit to crimes they committed will be sent to ordinary cells while the others will bear "alternative forms" of punishment.

However, the deal will not come into effect until a final agreement is signed.

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