Court freezes bank accounts of ex-president of El Salvador

El Salvador's supreme court freezes bank account of ex-president for illegal enrichment

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

El Salvador's former President Elias Antonio Saca addresses supporters in San Salvador February 25, 2013.

El Salvador’s supreme court announced on Monday that it was freezing the bank accounts of former President Elias Antonio Saca since he was unable to prove the provenance of the money in them.

Saca, a former businessman, served as president of El Salvador from 2004 to 2009, is under investigation on corruption charges.

The court will investigate how the former president acquired $5 million at the end of his term.

Following the court's decision, Saca’s five accounts have been blocked, he and his wife are also prohibited from transferring shares they own in five communications companies.

If it is proved that Saca was involved in illegal enrichment, a criminal trial for corruption may be opened.

Saca’s political party, the conservative Nationalist Republican Party (Arena), had already expelled the ex-president in 2009, due to alleged irregularities.

The case has been the second one on illegal enrichment this month.

On February 9, the judges said Saca's successor, Mauricio Funes, also had to prove the provenance of a sum of $700,000 he had acquired at the end of his term in 2014.

If the ex-presidents are unable to prove that their fortune was built legally and not from embezzling money from the public, the cases could go to criminal proceedings.

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