DAESH threatens to blow up White House

DAESH releases new video and vows to blow up White House with several attacks

Photo by: AFP (Archive)
Photo by: AFP (Archive)

The White House is pictured in Washington D.C.

DAESH terrorists published a six-minute-long video, record on Thursday that threatens to target the White House with car blast and suicide attacks.

In their video, they also, pledged to increase their attacks on France.

"We will blow it up, the same as we blew up the idols in this good land," one terrorist says, addressing the White House and proceeds to add, “We bring [French President Francois]Hollande and the people around him the good tidings as we bring Obama and the people around him the good tidings of more of these strikes.”

Another terrorist in the video states that DAESH will grill US President Barack Obama and French President Francois Hollande with several attacks “ ... with [explosive] belts and car bombs.”

FBI Director James Comey stated on Thursday that the Paris-style attack against the United States was not credible.

"We are not aware of any credible threat here of a Paris-type attack, and we have seen no connection at all between the Paris attackers and the United States," said Comey.

Adding, “That is what the terrorists want. They want you to imagine them in the shadows. They want you to imagine them as something greater than they are.”

John Kirby, State Department spokesman, told CNN that the video’s "veracity" was being investigated.

"Everybody here in the United States government is taking these threats seriously," he stated.

Prior to the latest video, DAESH released a video on Wednesday and indicated that the next attack would be in New York City.

Meanwhile, DAESH continues to control a large parts of Iraq and Syria and the numbers of people joining the terrorist organisation from around the world increase.

For example, according to the Independent, nearly 700 foreigners from France have joined the terrorist organisation DAESH in Iraq and Syria. This is the highest number of foreign terrorists among western countries attended to the DAESH.

Last Friday evening, Paris was faced with DAESH attacks in six different sites, killing 129 people and injuring more than 300 others.

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