Dallas gunman killed by sniper

Armed man opens fire on police officers in Dallas, Texas and is chased into parking lot of local fast-food restaurant before getting shot and killed

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

A lone gunman who opened fire at the Dallas police headquarters early on Saturday morning 12:30am (5:30am GMT), is dead, authorities said.

The suspect, an unidentified white male, was shot by a sniper and killed at around 5am (10am GMT).

After a chase on the Interstate 45 highway, the suspect was shot through the front windshield of the armored van he was in as it was parked at a restaurant about 13 miles (21 kilometers) from the police department headquarters.

Police said they would send a robot to inspect the van and check for explosives. No civilians or police officers were hurt in the standoff.

Police Chief David O. Brown said the assailant “could have easily stuck a civilian, but we think his intent was to strike officers.” He added that the shooter “didn’t care when officers confronted him. He shot at officers just as freely as he was able to.”

Police evacuated residents from their homes in the area after finding four bags, with at least one containing pipe bombs, around the police department’s headquarters. The explosives were detonated by bomb squad technicians, but residents will not be allowed to return home until the area is checked for other explosives.

Before the shooter was killed, Police Chief Brown said at an earlier news conference, he had “told our negotiators that we took his child and we accused him of being a terrorist and that he’s going to blow us up. And then [he] cut off negotiations.”

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