Did a Texas Commissioner call Clinton the C-word?

Self-styled "True Rural Texan" first blames hackers, then his own staff members for the offensive tweet.

Courtesy of: AP
Courtesy of: AP

Sid Miller, a Republican also allegedly called on America to bomb "the Muslim world" and compared Syrian refugees to rattlesnakes.

A tweet sent out from the account of Texas' Republican Agricultural Commissioner Sid Miller has been causing outrage. 

A censored copy of the original tweet, which was later deleted.

The Texas statesman soon announced the first of two conflicting explanations for the vulgar tweet.

The tweet, which was also later deleted, claimed that the twitter account had been "HACKED".

Later Miller's office abandoned the "HACKED" defense and released this statement through various tweets.

Miller, a "Conservative Leader in the Legislature" according to his web page, has had his share of controversy from social media posts.

Last year he reportedly shared a Facebook post (now deleted) suggesting that the United States should nuke "the Muslim World." A member of his staff was also blamed for sharing the post. 

Another post made on Miller's campaign Facebook page, compared Syrian refugees to rattlesnakes.

The top comment on that post reads "The dead ones won't bite, Sid! That's an easy one!"

Miller's own campaign page is one of the 326 which 'liked' that comment.

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