Donald J Trump: Twitterer-in-chief

Trump found electoral success in part by scorning the mainstream media and speaking to the American public directly via Twitter. But what risks could this pose for the soon-to-be president?

Photo by: Screenshot/Twitter
Photo by: Screenshot/Twitter

President-elect Trump has used his Twitter account to announce policies, slam opponents, conduct foreign relations, and to dominate the headlines.

President-elect Donald Trump used social media platform Twitter during the US presidential election to stir controversy and convey his message to voters.

Despite his apparent contempt for mainstream media outlets such as CNN, NBC and The New York Times, the president-elect has used, and continues to use, his Twitter account to dominate headlines and the news cycle through controversial statements and bold promises.

But as Trump prepares to enter the White House, questions are being raised as to whether Twitter is an appropriate medium for Trump's behavior and whether his constant tweeting might pose a security risk.

TRT World 's Kilmeny Duchardt  reports from New York.

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