Dylann S. Roof to face death penalty for church murder

Dylann S. Roof charged with killing nine black churchgoers during Bible study to face death penalty, according to court documents

Photo by: AP
Photo by: AP

Dylann Roof is charged with murdering nine people at Emanuel Church in Charlesto.

State prosecuters will seek the death penalty on Thursday for Dylann S. Roof (21) on the ground of murdering nine people in a church during their Bible study class in Charleston, South Carolina in June.

Prosecutors filed court papers on Thursday and followed progress of the death penalty against Roof. The documents mentioned that more than two people were killed and the others’ lives were put in danger.

“Mr. Roof has been indicted twice for the killings, in state court and in federal court, and each of those cases carries a possible death sentence,” the New York Times notes.

Scarlett Wilson, one of the prosecutors, has consulted the family of the victims for their thought on death penalty. She said some members of the victims respected her decision of approving of the penalty but some of them opposed for religious reasons.

Roof wrote online of provoking racial violence, used racial slur referring to blacks and decried integration, in a personal manuscript, said federal authorities.

Besides, Roof used racial insults during the attack, survivors told police.

Federal prosecutors have not made their decision about death penalty. Roof is tried under US hate crime laws.

His lawyer said his client initially wanted to plead guilty.

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