El Nino raises alarm in Peru’s 14 regions

Peru declares 60-day state of emergency in 14 regions wary of El Nino disasters

Photo by: AP
Photo by: AP

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Peruvian towns in 14 regions are to remain in a state of emergency for two months after officials raised alarm for possible damage that could be inflicted by the rapidly approaching El Nino season which drops by only every few years.

Some of the regions in which a state of emergency was declared are key fishing and mining areas.

Peru expects a “moderate to strong” forecast, and announced an extraordinary event to occur during the summer in the region around December.

In the past, the El Nino phenomenon has triggered landslides and despoiled local fishing in Peru, with the unusually warm, nutrient-poor water that is contiguous to the rare season.

The irregular and complex occurrence in late-December consists of climatic changes along the Pacific region, accompanied with a reversal in wind patterns, drought in Australasia, and a monsoon in South America.

Warm water linked to El Nino last year struck a blow to the cold-water fish industry.

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