Facebook rolls out new features for US users

The social media platform is now not only a place to share posts and photos, as it has added a bundle of new features intended to make its users and investors smile.

Photo by: AP
Photo by: AP

Facebook adds new features it hopes will get a lot of "likes." Menlo Park, Calif., January 12, 2012 file photo.

Facebook users in the United States will now be able to order food, buy movie tickets, book spa appointments and get quotes from businesses all with the click of a button over the popular social media platform.  

In early October, the company launched "Marketplace," a platform that allows users to buy and sell locally. The change comes as part of an effort to connect users and businesses.

The next step for the networking platform, with 1.7 billion active users, will be its "recommendations" feature, which will allow people to suggest places to eat.

Facebook also launched an iPhone application earlier this month to help users find local events to enjoy with friends – from festivals to neighbourhood fairs and nightlife. 

The company has focused on building a family of mobile applications tuned into modern lifestyles in which smartphones are used to connect and share with friends or colleagues quickly.

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