FARC rebel attack leaves 400,000 Colombians without power

Electrical tower located on outskirts of Buenaventura destroyed in ‘terrorist act,’ officials accuse FARC rebels of causing an outage leaving 400,000 without power

Photo by: AFP
Photo by: AFP

Updated Jul 28, 2015

A suspected terrorist attack by FARC (Revolutionary Armed forces of Colombia) rebels has destroyed an electrical tower and left Colombia’s biggest port city Buenaventura without power on Sunday.

A statement by the Energy Enterprise of the Pacific (EPSA) read “At 9:45 am (14:45 GMT) Buenaventura was left without electrical service.”

Colombian Defense Minister Juan Carlos Pinzon called the attack “a rampant act of terrorism.”

The two explosions that led to the outage are thought to have been carried out by Front 30 of the FARC rebels, according to Colombia’s military. The attack left about 400,000 people with no power.

Local sources reported that the military flew over the Agua Clara area on the outskirts of Buenaventura and located the destroyed Tower 17 about 27 kilometres from the port.

Composed of Marxist rebels, FARC and the Colombian government have been in peace talks since November 2012 in order to put a stop to a decades old civil war between them.

The conflict has so far caused about 200,000 deaths and displaced six million people.

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