FBI arrests friend of Charleston shooter

Friend, shelterer of Charleston shooter, Joseph 'Joey' Meek Jr., arrested by FBI following Aug. 6 letter from US Attorney’s Office that he was 'potential target'

Photo by: AFP
Photo by: AFP

Joseph “Joey” Meek Jr., the friend who gave Charleston shooter Dylan Roof shelter during the weeks prior to the June killing of nine African-Americans, has been arrested by the FBI on Thursday.

The 21-year-old called his girlfriend, Lindsey Fry, as he was being arrested at his work on Thursday afternoon, Fry told the State Newspaper just before 4 pm.

“He just said, ‘they want to talk to me, but I think I’m going to jail,’” Fry said.

Meek received a letter on Aug. 6 from the US Attorney’s Office in Colombia which read that he was a “potential target” of a federal criminal investigation concerning the Charleston shootings.

The letter also stated that he was under investigation for the deliberate concealment of a felony, which carries a maximum sentence of three years in prison in the US jurisdiction system, and allegedly making false statements to police officers, which carries a maximum prison sentence of five years that can rise up to eight years, if the crimes include international or domestic terrorism.

However, Meek told the State Newspaper on Tuesday that he did not commit any crime and that he actually contacted the authorities as soon as he saw Roof’s face on television, in a video taken from a security camera at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston.

Meek had told the reporter in late June, that on June 10, Roof - intoxicated with alcohol - declared his intentions to carry out a mass shooting after a week at the College of Charleston.

Although Meek and their friend Christon Scriven, who were also drunk with Roof, assumed that the comments were drunken conversation, their concern drove them out to Roof’s car and hid his handgun until they all sobered up, Meek continued.

They gave the gun back to Roof after Fry urged Meek to do so, fearing that Meek was still on probation, he could get in a lot of trouble with the law if he was to get caught carrying a gun, Fry said.

Roof is currently facing state and federal murder charges concerning the Charleston shooting and his alleged public declarations on social media showed that Roof committed such an act in hopes to start a racial war.

In addition, Roof faces 33 federal hate crime and weapon charges that could result in a death sentence.


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