George W Bush visits New Orleans 10 years after Katrina

Former President George W Bush visits New Orleans on Firday to mark 10th anniversary of hurricane Katrina

Photo by: AP
Photo by: AP

Former president George W Bush poses for photos with students at Warren Easton charter high school in New Orleans on Friday.

Updated Aug 29, 2015

Former US President George W Bush returned to New Orleans to visit the hurricane struck region following its 10 year recovery from Katrina on Friday. 

His visit came a day after President Barack Obama visited and said that New Orleans was "moving on" from the disaster.

The former president held a speech in an auditorium at Warren Easton Charter High School, the oldest public school in New Orleans that was transformed into a charter school in the wake of hurricane Katrina.

"People stared into the eye of the storm and refused to back down, and so Laura and I are in New Orleans to remind the country about what strong leadership means — and we're here to support the leaders," Bush said.

“Hurricane Katrina had brought despair to what should have been a season of hope and many students had no school to return to and many had nowhere to live" he added.

"Because of the success schools like this have achieved, it gives a message to Americans that New Orleans is back, and better than ever," he told the audience of students and teachers.

“New Orleans was a city whose levies gave out but whose people never gave up."

His wife Laura helped save money to rebuilt the school that was severely damaged during hurricane Katrina.

“Laura and I are here in New Orleans to remind our country about what strong leadership means,” Bush said, referring to the determination of locals to rebuild the city and the dramatic changes it made to its public schools, adopting an all-charter model and firing 7,500 school board employees” Bush said.

The Bush administration spent $140 billion for the recovery efforts of the hurricane. 

Nearly 2,000 people died and a million people were displaced due to hurricane Katrina. The storm struck Florida to Texas, but New Orleans, Louisiana suffered the most destruction.

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