Guantanamo witness details sexual abuse

Ex-detainee at Guantanamo bay says he was sexually abused

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

A former detainee of Guantanamo Bay claims, the “enhanced interrogations” programme implemented has practices that go beyond what the public is aware of.

Majid Khan, cooperating with government officials said the interrogators poured ice cold water on his genitals, recorded him in the nude and inappropriately touched his “private parts,” according to Reuters.

The 35-year-old ex-detainee is a Pakistani man who also claims that some of the CIA officials smelled like alcohol and threatened to beat him with various tools like baseball bats and hammers.

A controversial senate report last year shed  light on some of the activities within Guantanamo bay but Khan says a lot of the torture techniques and methods of interrogation are missing from that report.

"I wished they had killed me," Khan said to his legal team, according to Reuters.

"I lived in anxiety every moment of every single day about the fear and anticipation of the unknown, sometimes, I was struggling and drowning under water, or driving a car and I could not stop,’’ he added.

Khan detailed the interrogations he faced in 27 pages of interview notes over seven years that have been put together by his legal team. It is the first document that details the Bush administration interrogation methods from someone the US government considers a “high value detainee.”

Khan is awaiting a formal sentence of up to 19 years in prison. He has chosen to co-operate with government officials as a government witness for a reduced jail time.

He has acknowledged his role in delivering $50,000 to Al Qaeda members in Indonesia, which resulted in the use of a bombing that left 11 dead. He also confessed to poisoning water supplies, igniting gas stations and spy against the US government as an Al Qaeda operative.

Following his capture, he was detained at a secret CIA-run prison from 2003 to 2006

The report released from the senate as a Democrat initiative in association with the Intelligence Committee in December shows that CIA officials had forcefully fed him from the rectum. His legal team labelled this practice as rape.

The watershed senate report accused the CIA of brutality. It also outlined the CIA operatives as misleading their chief’s in Washington throughout the process.

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