Honduras opposition calls for help to halt impunity

Honduras opposition seeks international commision to handle country’s corruption problem

Photo by: AFP
Photo by: AFP

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Leaders from the four opposition parties in Honduras called for setting up an international commision to eradicate impunity problem of the country on Thursday.

Deposed president Manuel Zelaya who leads the main opposition Libre Party said that it is necessary to look for an international justice due to the country’s judicial system has been tired out.

President Juan Orlando Hernandez and his ruling National Party was blamed for receiving about $150,000 from firms linked to the scandal in his 2013 presidential campaign.

First he denied the allegations saying that he and his party did not know about the source of the money. But last month Hernandez confessed that he got money from the businessmen who linked with graft scandals.

Following his confession, tens of thousands of Hondurans filled the street in capital Tegucigalpa to demand resignation of Hernandez chanting that "No more corruption, JOH out."

The opposition parties say the country should follow the same structure with the neighbouring Guatemala in its fight with the corruption.Therefore a 200-page report was prepared by the opposition to indicate tasks and working scheme of the commision which is currently being used in the neighbouring country.

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