Houston warned of new floods after storm kills 17

US National Weather Service warns dam in Houston may burst leading to new wave of floods

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

The US National Weather Service on Wendesday issued a formal warning for Houston that fresh floods may cripple the city, as the operations continue in Houston for bodies following a deadly storm that flooded neighbourhoods.

Police evacuated citizens residing near Dallas dam that is anticipated to burst due to the rising level of floodwater as emergency officials continued their search for dead bodies from heavy storms that killed at least 17 in Texas and Oklahoma.

Water had almost topped the dam, reaching 40 km southwest of Dallas. Police then called on for evacuation near the dam and to move away livestock in case the dam explodes.

The death toll is expected to rise with numerous people reported missing. The floods dashed through hundreds of homes and wrecked a record number of buılding, public roads and workplaces.

Thousands of motorists have been trapped on the roads.

"Right now we still have a lot of our neighbourhoods underwater," an official from the emergency services Michael Walter said.

Helicopters and other air based emergency services helped rescue stranded motorists and civilians.

President Barack Obama has reassured the Texas Governor Greg Abbott that the federal government will do what is necessary to recover the flood struck state. Abbott has listed 40 counties in Texas as in a state of disaster, including Houston.


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