In Pictures: Hurricane Matthew's devastation in Haiti

Hurricane Matthew killed almost 900 people across southwest Haiti and brought with it a new crisis for the impoverished country.

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Hurricane Matthew has caused the worst humanitarian crisis Haiti has seen since the earthquake in 2010.

Updated Oct 9, 2016


The full scale of the devastation in hurricane-hit rural Haiti became clear on Saturday as the death toll surged dramatically, three days after Hurricane Matthew leveled huge swaths of the country's south. [Reuters]

Tens of thousands of people are homeless. Their homes are now mere piles of rubble. [Image: Reuters]

A boy suffering from cholera sleeps in the state hospital. Thousands more are facing an increased risk of contracting the disease. [Image: AP]

Most people in Haiti died from falling debris caused by severe winds travelling through the area at 235 km/h. [Image: AP]

The storm left trails of devastation, but victims are already trying to rebuild their lives. Haiti's government has estimated at least 350,000 people need assistance. [Image: Reuters]

People across Jeremie walk through the streets littered with debris. This is the country’s worst humanitarian crisis since the devastating earthquake of January 2010. [Image: Reuters]

Hurricane Matthew destroyed almost everything in its path in Haiti while washing away roads and bridges. [Image: Reuters]


A mother and her child desperatly search for food, water and medicine. International aid groups are already appealing for donations for a lengthy recovery effort in Haiti. [Image: Reuters]

Officials say at least 28,000 homes have been completely destroyed in Haiti. [Image: Reuters]

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