Indonesian Foreign Minister informs Australian counterpart: no delay on executions

Australian Foreign Minister says she receives letter from Indonesian counterpart, informing about no delay on executions

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Indonesian Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa sent a letter to his Australian counterpart Julie Bishop late on Monday, informing her the executions of the nine was soon and offering no hope of delay, according to Bishop.

Two Australians, four Nigerians, an Indonesian, a Brazilian and a Filipina are scheduled to be executed on firing squad in Indonesia this week for drug trafficking charges in 2005.

Julie Bishop said she was not given any date or place for the executions of the two Australian citizens.

"Both these legal processes could impact on the outcome," Bishop said.

"They reflect the integrity of the sentencing process and the clemency process, and so we urge the Indonesian government to allow these legal processes to proceed because of course executions are irrevocable."

Indonesia’s decision of executions has been collecting responses from international community, led by France who has threatened Indonesia with a shift in diplomatic relations if executions proceed.
French President Francois Hollande warned Indonesia that consequences with France and Europe would follow the executions.

"At the very least, we will recall our ambassador," Hollande said.

"We are acting with the countries concerned, Australia and Brazil, to multiply our reach and ensure that there is no execution."

The executions of the nine would go ahead as planned and take place as early as Tuesday, Indonesia's attorney general's office said on Monday.