Kerry warns Iran over involvement in Yemen

Kerry says US well aware of support Iran provided Houthi forces in Yemen

Updated Jul 28, 2015

The United States Secretary of State John Kerry on Wednesday warned Iran against supporting the Houthi forces in Yemen .

Kerry said the U.S. is well aware of Iranian support for Houthi fighters, and added that any Middle Eastern country which feels threatened by Iran will get the support of the US.

The same day Kerry made the comments Iran sent navy vessels to the Gulf of Aden, off the southern coast of Yemen, with the declared aim of safeguarding naval routes for vessels in the region, the BBC reported on Thursday citing Iranian naval commander Rear Admiral Habibollah.

John Kerry said the U.S. would not "stand by" if Iran destabilizes the region.

"We're not looking for confrontation, obviously, but we're not going to step away from our alliances and our friendships and the need to stand with those who feel threatened as a consequence of the choices that Iran might be making.”

US Defence Secretary Ashton Carter said on Thursday his country supports the military operations by Saudi Arabia and its allies.

Carter confirmed that his country has been supplying arms and equipment to the Saudi Arabian-led coalition forces in Yemen against the Houthi fighters.

Ashton Carter’s remarks came during a press conference in Japan after a meeting with his Japanese counterpart.

"We're providing them with some logistics information and we're providing them with some resupply of equipment and munitions,” said Carter.

Saudi Arabia has launched a military operation late March, including air strikes, in Yemen against the Houthi militia with a coalition comprised of 10 countries to intervene in the escalating sectarian crisis which has gripped the country. The forces later announced that they launched the operation in response to a call from President Hadi.

Pentagon spokesman Colonel Steven Warren announced on Wednesday that the US had started Tuesday daily aerial refueling of the war jets of the Saudi-led coalition carrying out the air strikes in Yemen.

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