Netanyahu looks forward to cementing relations with Trump

US President Donald Trump's predecessor Barack Obama had a famously frosty relationship with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. It culminated in Obama failing to veto a UN security council resolution that condemned Israeli settlements.

Photo by: Reuters Archive
Photo by: Reuters Archive

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (R) stands next to then Republican US presidential candidate Donald Trump during their meeting in New York, US, September 25, 2016.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is preparing for his first meeting with President Donald Trump at the White House.

The two had previously met last year before Trump was elected president.

During the presidential campaign, Trump was often unabashedly pro-Israel, promising to move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. He also nominated David Friedman, a supporter of settlements, as his envoy to Israel, saying that he wouldn't apply pressure on Israel for talks with the Palestinians.

TRT World 's Will Denselow brings more from New York on the meeting.

Netanyahu seeks to boost relations with Washington, which were frayed during former US president Barack Obama’s term.

Netanyahu seemed optimistic about Trump who promised he would dismantle the nuclear deal with Iran, and veto any UN move to apply restrictions on the Jewish state.
"The alliance between Israel and America has always been extremely strong, it's about to get even stronger. President Trump and I see eye to eye on the dangers emanating from the region but also on the opportunities," said Netanyahu.

TRT World 's Jennifer Glasse reports from Washington.