Obama says fight against ISIS must be reevaluated

President Barack Obama questions effectiveness of US military assets in fight against ISIS

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

US President Barack Obama has questioned his country's use of military assets in the fight against ISIS militants. The effectiveness of the fight has been put into question in Iraq especially as US forces strategise new methods to recapture a critical city of west of Baghdad.

The White House has announced that it will respond to the calls of the Iraqi military for greater anti-tank protection for armoured vehicles ISIS is using as a deadly form of attack.

The Obama administration turned their focus to supplying more effective means of military assistance after Defense Secretary Ash Carter criticised Iraqi military personnel for just fleeing without fighting back against the ISIS militants in Ramadi.

Spokesman for the White House Josh Earnest agreed with Carter’s remarks saying the Iraqi forces were not well commanded nor did they have any proper preparations against such an advance. The Iraqi military did not benefit at all from US alliance.

Obama speaking at the end of meeting with visiting NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg did not take any questions in regard to Carter’s comments. However Obama has mentioned the growing ISIS threat and that in order to contain ISIS the coalition must look elsewhere.  

"That means an increase in defense capacity building with other countries like Iraq or [Persian Gulf] countries that are interested in working with us, as well as the African Union," he said. "It also means we have to think about whether we are deploying and arranging our assets effectively to meet that challenge."

Earnest elaborated further: “There have been some concerns raised by some fighters that they have not gotten the kind of equipment that they need to fight ISIL (ISIS)."

"The president and the rest of the administration have vowed to work closely with the Iraqi government to make sure that this military equipment is getting got where it is needed," he added.

Earnest has acknowledged the important role the Iraqi military forces have played in driving out ISIS from the western Anbar province.The Iraqi forces are now making plans to regain Ramadi.

Obama also spoke of the important role NATO could play in a turbulent Middle East. He said it is a "challenging and important time for NATO," especially in providing training and assistance to Afghanistan.


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