Obama unveils climate change plan

US administration unveils its climate change program and will require states to achieve emission-cut goal

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

US administration on Sunday, unveiled its climate change plan aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the coal power plants. In a White House event, President Barack Obama will begin promoting the plan to the public on Monday.  

Obama calls the "Clean Power Plan" as “the biggest most important step we've ever taken to combat climate change” in a video White House shared. The plan regulated several times by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), is in its final version now.

"Until now, there have been no federal limits to the amount of carbon pollution plants dump in the air," Obama says in the video.

The plan will designate each state an emission-cut goal depending on the level of their energy consumption, and require them to submit their custom plans to the EPA, explaining how they will achieve this goal.

Several states are at odds with Obama’s plan, and already stated they will take the new rules to court.

Thirty-seven percent of US electricity is supplied by coal based power plants, therefore critics believe emission cuts will increase electricity prices.

"It will make the cost of electricity higher for millions of Americans," Florida Senator Marco Rubio asserted at the Freedom Partners Summit in California.

Many states pointed out their opposition long before the plan was announced. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell sent a letter to 50 governors urging them not to comply with the emission-cut plan.

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz has also criticised the new regulations, accusing Democrats said "Go with California environmentalist billionaires and their campaign donations instead of the jobs of their union members."

Comparing with 2005 rates, the plan is aimed to reduce carbon emission levels by 32 percent by the year of 2030.



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