Over 1,000 Colombians deported from Venezuela

Over 1,000 Colombians get deported by Venezuelan authorities after illegally remaining in the country

Photo by: AP
Photo by: AP

More than 1,000 illegal Colombians have been deported and relocated back to their country as most of them were found with no papers to justify their stay in Venezuela.

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro had to take action to put an end to chaos along the border after three officers were injured by armed men who he said came from Colombia.

Characterising the incident and the general situation as a state of emergency, Maduro ordered an operation of house by house searches for smugglers with an extra team of 1,500 troops.

Colombia has made a shelter in Cucuta to help the natives that are sent back.

"We're convinced that closing the border isn't how  we fight contraband,” Colombian Foreign Minister Maria Angela Holguin, who travelled to the border, told AP.

On the other hand, Maduro has said that six people are considered to be suspects in the arm attack on the border, stating that two of them are from Venezuela.

"Venezuela won't tolerate this anymore," he said.

Venezuelan governor Vielma Mora said that Venezuela is not trying enough to control the border, through smugglers try to pass goods and sell them in Colombia

"If Colombian authorities did their part to contain the contraband and smuggling of products out of Venezuela the reality would be different," he said.

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