Pentagon stops bringing Syrian rebels for training programme

Pentagon suspends bringing rebels from Syria for train and equip programme in neighbouring countries as the program is 'under review'

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

A US Marine at the Pentagon in Washington April 30, 2013.

Pentagon Press Secretary, Peter Cook announced on Tuesday that the US has put aside bringing in new opposition fighters from Syria for the train and equip programme in Turkey and Jordan .

He said "As we review the program, we have paused the actual movement of new recruits from Syria."

The 500 million dollar programme, which aimed to train Syrian rebels in neighbouring countries to fight against ISIS militants, has been under criticism, as some 60 fighters from its first graduating class, were attacked by Al Nusra Front, the Syrian affiliate of Al Qaeda.

Some were murdered or abducted and its not known what happened to the remaining 18.

Another group of some 70 fighters had to give their equipments to Nusra Front for safe passage, which goes against the programme guidelines, Pentagon announced last week.

Cook said they continue to support the current fighters in the field and will train the ones already in the programme.

He also added that the recruitment in Syria continues.


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