Peru road accident kills 17, injures 54

Victims were mostly students returning from school trip on back of truck

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

A dump truck carrying students along with their teacher and parents lost control around a bend and rolled 100 metres down into a ravine, killing 17 and injuring 54 people on Sunday.

The accident happened when the group of students, mostly aged between 9 and 15, were returning home after a parade in the Cahuac Municipality of the Huánuco region, central Peru.

“The truck was making its way uphill around a curve on a dirt road when it rolled backward and over a cliff,” Ruben Alva, the governor of the region said.

Road conditions are generally poor and mostly rugged around rural Peru and safety rules are not strictly enforced.

There is also an absence of public transportation in the area, leaving people with no choice but to travel on trucks or agricultural vehicles instead of buses.

The truck driver has been taken into custody and an investigation into the crash has begun.

According to Mr. Alva, the truck belonged to the municipal administration and it was uncommon for the municipality to assign such a vehicle to transport people.

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