Peru’s anti-mining protests cause another death

Demonstrations against mining project in Peru continue as second death came

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Police killed a 35-year-old man on Tuesday during an anti-mining protest in southern part of Peru.

Peruvian Henry Checcla was killed by a police bullet in a clash between protesters and security forces on Monday in which 500 protesters strived to block a highway but police pushed them back, according to Mayor Richard Ale of Islay province.   

Two weeks ago a 68-year-old farmer was killed by police and 12 others were seriously injured as a part of ongoing demonstrations against a copper mining project which has been continuing for a year, according to Interior Minister Jose Perez.

A hundred and forty cops have been wounded in the clashes between police and demonstrators since the beginning of the demonstrations.  

Activists, local leaders and farmers have objected to the project and they think that it  would pollute key waterways of Arequipa if the Tia Maria mine were built.

Owner of the project, one of the world’s biggest producers, Southern Copper Corporation has juggled with the content many times to convince the residents.

Peru’s Energy and Mines Ministry announced earlier this month that the company has guaranteed not to touch water which is used for farming and that the dust to be belched by the mining process will also be under control.

Following the Energy and Mines Ministry announcement, Minister of the Environment Manuel Pulgar-Vidal’s  declared that Tia Maria was “safe for the environment.”

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