Plane crash kills 11 Colombian military personnel

Officials announce 11 personnel killed after military plane crashes due to motor failure

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Crash site of the Colombian military plane

The Colombian Air Force said 11 military personnel were killed when a transport plane suffered engine failure and crashed in the northern province of Cesar on Friday.

Officials said the burned parts of the plane were found some 600 km away from the Venezuelan border.

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos wrote on his Twitter account that the soldiers who died in the crash were “heroes.”

Airbus, the company which produces CN235 aircraft, released a statement after the incident which stated only that the plane was produced in Seville, Spain in 1998, and gave no further information.

"The thoughts of the company and its employees are with those affected by this accident," the statement said.

In May, a new Airbus military transport plane called the A400M crashed during a test flight in Spain, killing three people.

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