Police officer shot and two stabbed in Louisiana

Police officer shot dead alongside mayor's sister in Louisiana, while two civilians stabbed

Photo by: AP
Photo by: AP

Police said the incident began when officer Nelson responded to a domestic violence call in Sunset, Louisiana, at around 5pm and found two civilians had been stabbed

A police officer and civilian were killed and two others were injured after a stabbing incident in Louisiana. Officer Henry Nelson, 51, was shot dead after responding to a domestic violence call at the home of Harrison Lee Wiley Jr at around 5pm.

Forty-year-old Shameka Johnson, the sister of a local mayor, was also killed while her sister was injured.

The suspect in the stabbing incident then drove to the sunset Mini Mart where he crashed his car through the front windows of the store and blockaded himself into an office.

It was first reported that the man had taken eight hostages and a negotiator was brought to scene, but the suspect refused to talk as police were using tear gas against him. Later the police reported that three people were inside the store during the incident and all of them survived safely.

After allegedly shooting the officer and turning himself in to a SWAT team that breached the office the man is now under custody.

Wiley may have taken drugs before the incident, police have told local journalists.

Nelson wished to become a police chief in Sunset, according to local news stations.

A fourth victim is Wiley's wife. She was in surgery on Wednesday night at the Apria Medical Center in Alexandria.

Sunset Police department has reported that an officer was shot but has not released any further details.

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