Remains of another missing Mexican student found

Forensic experts identified remains of Jhosivani Guerrero de la Cruz, another Mexican teen from group of 43 students disappeared last year

Photo by: AFP
Photo by: AFP

A relative (C) of Mexican missing student Jhosivani Guerrero de la Cruz holds his portrait during a march in Acapulco, Guerrero State, Mexico, on March 4, 2015.

Mexico’s Attorney General Arely Gomez said on Wednesday that forensic experts from Austuria’s Innsbruck Medical University identified another student from the remains found in the river.

She said that there are “signs that establish a possible connection" between the remains and the student’s mother.

The student is Jhosivani Guerrero de la Cruz, 21, and the bone found in one of the bags in the river is related to the student’s mother with a 72-to-1 odds.

Before this, the first and only student identified was Alexander Mora Venancio, 19. He was identified in last December.

Felipe de la Cruz, spokesman for the families said Argentinean experts are also working on the case at the request of the families.

He said that the Argentine experts did not fully trust the result. He also say that they don't know where the bag came from and cannot confirm it came from the Cocula dump as the government says.

The families don’t trust the governmental explanations. "It is not 100 percent certain. So for us it is still not believable," De la Cruz says.

After the loss of 43 students last year on the evening of 26-27 September, the government had said that the students were confused with rivals, when a rebel drug cartel and corrupt policemen, who work cooperatively, shot at their busses. The police handed them to the gang "Guerreros Unidos [United Warriors]" and the gang incinerated the students in a local dump.

However almost two weeks ago, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) released an alternative report rejecting the huge cremation.  

After the IACHR report, the attorney general's office continued to insist on the official explanation, although now it says that maybe they were not all incinerated in the garbage dump.

Tomas Zeron, the director of investigations at the attorney general's office, said last week that "A large group of students was burned there, without being able to confirm that it was all 43, but it was a large group of students."

Felipe de la Cruz says he could not "trust the voice of a government that has always lied and is trying to rescue the 'historic truth' on the basis of not very clear results."

On September 24, Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto will meet with the relatives of the students.

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