Republican Chris Christie announces 2016 presidential run

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie launches his 2016 presidential bid joining crowded field of Republican candidates

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Republican Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie has launched his bid for the 2016 US presidential elections on Tuesday.

Christie has been serving as governor of New Jersey, a normally democratic leaning state, since 2010 and was re-elected for his second term in 2013.

In his speech announcing his candidacy, Christie articulated his intention to tackle tough issues in order to amend the nation by promoting transparency.

"Truth and hard decisions today will lead to growth and opportunity tomorrow." Christie said in his old high school in suburban Livingston, New Jersey announcing his decision among supporters.

The governor criticised leaders of both parties saying they “failed our country”, and deemed President Barack Obama’s administration “hand-wringing” and called it “indecisive and weak.”

The blunt governor took swings at both Democratic presidential candidate and former secretary of state Hillary Clinton and President Obama.

“After seven years of a weak and feckless foreign policy run by Barack Obama, we better not turn it over to his second mate, Hillary Clinton,” Christie said criticising the duo’s foreign policy.

Christie is currently the 14th Republican candidate running for the party’s nomination in next year’s elections.

The campaign has given the governor a second chance to rebuild his ruined image after the “Bridgegate” scandal hit his prominence among Republican presidential hopefuls in September of 2013.

nalysts say he will have trouble regaining his former image as one of the top Republican politicians.

Christie is regarded as a frank man who, at times, is too blunt.

He have several times gotten into shouting quarrels with New Jersey residents who have sought to challenge him. Once he blasted at a heckler saying "sit down and shut up."

He maintained his in-your-face attitude addressing the audience at a launch rally as he said saying "You're going to get what I think whether you like it or not, or whether it makes you cringe every once in a while.”

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