Republican Donald Trump says he would close mosques

Republican Presidental Candidate Donald Trump says if he becomes president, he would close some mosques in US to fight ISIS

Photo by: AFP
Photo by: AFP

Republican US presidential candidate Donald Trump addresses supporters during a political rally at the Phoenix Convention Center on July 11, 2015 in Phoenix, Arizona.

Republican presidental candidate Donald Trump on Wednesday said he would close some mosques in the US as part of the fight against ISIS.

Fox Business host Stuart Varney asked Trump in an interview whether if he were elected president he would take similar actions as the British goverment such as cancelling passports and closing mosques.

"I would do that, absolutely, I think it’s great," Trump responded.

"If you go out, you go fight for ISIS, you can’t come back. Why can’t you do it? You can do it here."

When program host Varney asked, "Can you close a mosque? I mean, we do have religious freedom," Trump responded “Well I don’t know... I mean, I haven’t heard about the closing of the mosque. It depends, if the mosque is, you know, loaded for bear, I don’t know. You’re going to have to certainly look at it."

"But I can tell you one thing," Trump said. “If somebody goes over and they want to fight for ISIS, they wouldn’t be coming back.”

Donald Trump was condemned on Wednesday by a Muslim advocacy group for these comments.

Government affairs manager at the Council on American Islamic Relations, Robert McCaw, said, "Donald Trump’s apparent willingness to close down American mosques that he deems ‘extreme’ is totally incompatible with the Constitution and our nation’s cherished principle of religious freedom."

McCaw said, "The government should not be in the business of deciding what is acceptable free speech or religious belief. Donald Trump’s off-the-cuff remarks are both un-American, and un-presidential." 

The role of Islam in the US has been a hot topic in the presidential race.

In September, Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson said Islam is inconsistent with the US Constitution and he would not support a Muslim president


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