Salvadoran church apologizes for pedophilia scandals

Bishop and priest of El Salvador’s Roman Catholic Church accused of pedophilia

Photo by: AP
Photo by: AP

Monsignor Jesus Delgado, right

El Salvador’s Roman Catholic Church apologised on Sunday for pedophilia cases concerning two of its members, pledging to clean up its act.

The archbishop of El Salvador's capital said the bishop and the priest involved in the cases will face church justice.

"I am deeply troubled by what has happened and I apologize to the victims and to society at large," Archbishop Jose Luis Escobar said during a Sunday homily.

On Thursday, the church suspended the number three in the country's archdiocese Bishop Jesus Delgado, 77, from his role after he was accused of pedophilia. The Catholic country was shocked when Delgado, a prominent priest in the church ordained in 1962, was accused of the crime.

An unidentified alleged victim - now 42 - told authorities and the church that Delgado started raping her when she was a nine-years-old girl and continued until she was 17. The church said that Delgado acknowledged sexually abusing the young girl.

He said he "is willing to meet with the victim to ask her forgiveness."

Another priest named Juan Francisco Galvez was also accused of abusing minors, as several alleged victims who are now adults said. He was suspended in October, but he denied the accusations.

"These two priests of ours now face church justice,"  Escobar said.


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