San Francisco police take down one-legged black man

San Francisco police take down one-legged homeless black man because of his crutches

Photo by: AFP
Photo by: AFP

Another example of excessive police force in the US was witnessed by journalist Chaedria LaBouvier, who recorded an incident when a one-legged, homeless black man was being pinned-down by the police.

LaBouvier recorded the incident in San Francisco with her cell phone and shared the video via blog platform Medium.

Witnesses told LaBouvier that police had been called because the man was waving “sticks.” The sticks turned out to be his crutches.

The black man was humiliated, officers stepped on his prosthetic leg even though he said he has an infectious sore.

While many people gathered in protest to what they were witnessing, the police did not even pull up the black man’s pants that slid off during the harsh encounter.

The video showed the black man distressed by the unnecessary physical restraint and unable to relax due to the police crowding him.

“An officer can be seen at the 5 second time-mark stomping on the man’s prosthetic leg. In further efforts to subdue a man already on the ground with four people on top of him, they stood on his leg, held it, and twisted it around even after they had cuffed him and pinned him to the piss-stained concrete,” LaBouvier stressed on her blog.

There was no statement from the San Francisco Police Department on the issue.

There is an ongoing national debate in the United States regarding race, especially about systematic brutality endured by black communities at the hands of the police force.


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