"Sister cities" weigh options as US tightens borders

Laredo in the US state of Texas and Nuevo Laredo in Mexico share a rich history and close economic ties. New US immigration and border policies could test those bonds.

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Trade has historically connected Laredo with Nuevo Laredo in a symbol of deep dependence between the two cities.

New US immigration guidelines and ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) raids on undocumented immigrants are troubling to many locals in the twin cities of Laredo and Nuevo Laredo that straddle the US and Mexican border.

Laredo is in the US state of Texas. Nuevo Laredo is in Mexico. The Rio Grande river separates the two cities which historically share a rich history and are economically interconnected.

In 2015, over $200 billion of international trade passed through Laredo land crossings with Nuevo Laredo in a symbol of deep dependence between the two cities.

But a planned border wall and other exclusionary policies threaten this bond.

Locals are calling the problems they're now facing "the Trump effect."

Before we start shipping people out let's see what our needs are and it may be a blessing to have these folks here - Pete Saenz, Mayor of Laredo

TRT World's Tetiana Anderson went to the sister cities to find out more.